UHD Standard Signage | 55UH5J-H

  • Brightness(Typ.) : 500 nit
  • Surface Treatment (Haze) : 28%
  • The carbon footprint of this product has been measured and certified.
  • Bezel : 9.9 mm (T/R/L), 14.4 mm (B)
  • Depth : 39.9 mm
  • Interface : HDMI(3)/ DP/ DVI-D/ USB 2.0/ RS232C/ RJ45/ Audio/ IR
Εκδήλωση Ενδιαφέροντος
UHD Standard Signage | 55UH5J-H

Proper Display Brightness

With a recommend brightness of 500 cd/m² for an indoor display, the UH5J-H series clearly deliver content and attract public attention, making it the most suitable display for marketing in meeting rooms, airports, retail, shopping malls etc.